Miracle Terrace is a place of serenity. I stayed there for almost a year and
a half as a transition between treatment and going back to living on my
own. The set up allowed me to really start to discover who I was when no
one was looking, or otherwise my definition of integrity. Terrie runs the
house with an iron fist and sense of humor which goes hand in hand with
having a safe place to get clean and sober. The community aspect of the
house is great and you really get a feeling of a home away from home. My
decision to move into Miracle Terrace was one of the best things i ever did
for myself and I wouldn’t change anything looking back. I really support
anyone who is thinking about moving in here; Miracle Terrace assisted
me with achieving goals in my life that i thought would always just remain
dreams. Thank You Terrie!!



Miracle Terrace is a proud member of the Sober Living Collation