Sober Living in West Hollywood

January 21, 2014 by admin

Sober Living in West Hollywood

We know what you are going through. Whether you are challenged by alcoholism, substance abuse, addiction, or compulsive behaviors, help is always available. One of the foundations to recovery is the essential role of detoxification. These 30, 60, or 90 day detoxification treatment programs will provide you with the necessary tools of recovery. However, it is when those programs end that Miracle Terrace plays a vital role. Once you have completed the recovery program and are prepared to reside in a sober living transitional environment or half way house, we want you to feel 100% at home at Miracle Terrace.

Miracle Terrace sober living in West Hollywood, provides the support, opportunity, and re-enforcement of those spiritual tools needed to successfully re-enter society. Additionally the structured environment provided at Miracle Terrace helps establish order and routine.

Some of our activities at Miracle Terrace sober living house in West Hollywood include:

  • Daily morning in house meetings
  • Group chemical dependency counseling
  • Fulfillment of daily chores,
  • Standards for room & personal neatness
  • Curfews compliance
  • Random testing

In our group meetings we offer educational courses, 12-step meetings, outpatient programs, and therapy where necessary. Our highly experienced professional resident management team is fully committed to the sober aftercare and recovery of all who are challenged with addictions. We have a strong commitment to relapse prevention and provide you with tools to a new way of living while in a safe and supportive living environment. Call us today to make arrangements 866-908-6888.

Sober Living in West Hollywood

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