Final destination for addictive drugs: The Nucleus Accumbens

September 19, 2013 by admin

Brain’s reward system causes Facebook addiction


A person’s  intensity of Facebook use can be predicted by activity in the Nucleus Accumbens, a reward-related area of the brain, researchers at Freie Universitat Berlin, said.

Alcohol, heroin, cigarettes, and other drugs cause a surge of dopamine production, which is then released onto the nucleus accumbens. The result:  Pleasure.(Reward) The ultimate result: addiction.  My understanding is that it has been determined through research that Facebook (internet) use follows this same path.

I don’t know about you, but my first thought was:  What or where the heck is the nucleus accumbens?”

 nucleus accumbens

The above diagram illustrates the “where it is”.

And finally, “what it is” and how it works, as I interpret it (as a “professional” addict…or since I don’t get paid for being an addict, I will change my status to “proven”):   The brain won’t tell us when enough is enough.Recent breakthroughs in neurology have allowed brain scientists , to understand how chemical pleasures can and do mislead our brains.

Well, I would venture to say that if the research and findings are measurable enough in sufficiently large numbers of human addicts, then science can find a way to eventually correct the nucleus accumbens’ perception process.

A pill, maybe?  And the cycle continues…


The resource for this article was

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(To bring you the facts…nothin’ but da facts)


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