1. Sober alcoholics defy the odds

    June 26, 2013 by admin


    “The prisoner is not the one who has committed a crime, but the one who clings to his crime and lives it over and over.” –Henry Miller

    Ok, you don’t want to be enslaved any longer, so now you are in treatment.   The insanity in your life cannot be hidden by the walls of denial any more.  I’m not saying you are happy about it, but there you are.  I can remember when I finally got into a detox, my thoughts went to “now everyone is going to find out I’m an alcoholic / addict”.  Chances are you did fool some people in your life.  You might have said: “I’m okay! I still have my job.  I still have my car.   I am not neglecting my kids.” But, you see, there is a missing, all-important word– and that is the word ‘YET’.

    This concept is understood by sober alcoholics.  When I was active in my addiction, a word like ‘yet’ or ‘eventually’ or even ‘will’ wasn’t heard.  I didn’t get it.   Hey–if it wasn’t happening to me at the time, my thinking was: “well, by the time any of that happens to me, I’m going to quit (drinking, drugging, etc.),  I know I can.”

    Wherever you are mentally, emotionally, (even financially), you have landed in substance abuse treatment and you have been given an opportunity to change your life.  It happened to me—it can happen for you.  If you’ve tried before and are lucky or smart enough to be there again– do it differently this time. Listen this time, process this time, learn this time.  Even if someone else got you into treatment, the decision for change is ultimately up to you.

    As scary or stupid or impossible as this might sound to you, challenge yourself.  When I was out there, I thought I was invincible.  I know you know what I mean; safe or scary or even ridiculous—it didn’t stop us from trying to get what we wanted.

    Here’s the challenge:  Every time you feel like you don’t want to try, recovery is not for you; you can figure it all out—channel that defiance to DEFY THE ODDS!  Many, many of us have taken the risk to look inside ourselves and dared to face the truth.  I was petrified to find my authentic self.  Hold on for the ride—and let those who know and care  hold on to you. It’s so worth it!

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